ImportSettingsBaseOverlayBehavior Property

Relativity Import APIs
Indicates the method for overlay imports with multiple choice and multiple object fields.

Namespace:  kCura.Relativity.DataReaderClient
Assembly:  Relativity.DataExchange.Client.SDK (in Relativity.DataExchange.Client.SDK.dll) Version: 1.5.0

public OverlayBehavior OverlayBehavior { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: OverlayBehavior
This property can be set to one of the following values: UseRelativityDefaults: each field will be imported based on its overlay behavior settings in Relativity. MergeAll: new imported values will be added to all imported fields. ReplaceAll: all the imported fields previous values will all be overwritten with the imported values.

Return Value

Type: OverlayBehavior
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