NativeImagingEngineOptions Class

Relativity Imaging API
Represents the options set on an ImagingProfile for use with native imaging jobs.
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Namespace:  Relativity.Imaging.Services.Interfaces
Assembly:  Relativity.Imaging.Services.Interfaces (in Relativity.Imaging.Services.Interfaces.dll) Version: (

public class NativeImagingEngineOptions

public class NativeImagingEngineOptions

The NativeImagingEngineOptions type exposes the following members.


Public methodNativeImagingEngineOptions

Public propertyDitheringAlgorithm
Gets or sets the dithering algorithm used when imaging documents.
Public propertyDitheringThreshold
Gets or sets the dithering threshold used to determine how color pixels are converted to black and white. This integer value can range from 0 - 255.
Public propertyImageOutputDpi
Gets or sets the resolution and density of an image in dots per inch (DPI).
Public propertyLastModifiedDateOnDocument
Gets or sets the FieldRef corresponding to the field on a document that stores the last modified date.
Public propertyMaxPagesPerDoc
Gets or sets the maximum number of document pages imaged per file.
Public propertyNativeImageFormat
Gets or sets the image format for files sent to the native imaging engine. The supported formats include JPEG or TIFF.
Public propertyRenderColorPagesToJpeg
Gets or sets a boolean value indicating whether to automatically render color pages as JPEG files. This property overrides the NativeImageFormat property if it is set to TIFF.
Public propertyTimeZoneFieldOnDocument
Gets or sets the date and time information in a document image, which is a FieldRef corresponding to the field on a document that stores the time zone.

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Public fieldStatic memberMAX_DITHERING_THRESHOLD
Max Dithering Threshold value for Native Imaging Engine.
Public fieldStatic memberMAX_OUTPUT_DPI
Maximum allowable DPI for Native Imaging output ImagingOutputDpi.
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