ImagingProfile Class

Relativity Imaging API
Represents the settings used to image a group of documents.
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Namespace:  Relativity.Imaging.Services.Interfaces
Assembly:  Relativity.Imaging.Services.Interfaces (in Relativity.Imaging.Services.Interfaces.dll) Version: (

public class ImagingProfile : ImagingProfileRef

public class ImagingProfile : ImagingProfileRef

The ImagingProfile type exposes the following members.


Public methodImagingProfile

Public propertyApplicationFieldCodes
Gets or sets the collection of ApplicationFieldCodeRef instances linked to this imaging profile.
Public propertyArtifactID
Gets or sets the ArtifactID of an ImagingProfile.
(Inherited from ImagingProfileRef.)
Public propertyBasicOptions
Gets or sets the basic options used for imaging, such as image output quality (DPI), image size, and image format.
Public propertyEmailOptions
Gets or sets the email options used for native imaging, such as page orientation, the removal of indentations, and the display of SMTP addresses.
Public propertyHtmlOptions
Gets or set the HTML option used for the imaging profile. It removes NBSP codes.
Public propertyImagingMethod
Gets or sets the imaging method used for running jobs with the imaging profile. The method options are basic or native.
Public propertyKeywords
Gets or sets the Keywords field.
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the user-friendly name of the ImagingProfile.
(Inherited from ImagingProfileRef.)
Public propertyNativeOptions
Gets or sets the native imaging options used by this imaging profile, such as image format, dithering algorithm, and output quality (DPI).
Public propertyNativeTypes
Gets or sets the NativeTypeRef instances linked to this imaging profile.
Public propertyNotes
Gets or sets Notes Keywords field.
Public propertyPresentationOptions
Gets or sets options used for native imaging documents from presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint.
Public propertySpreadsheetOptions
Gets or sets the spreadsheet options used for native imaging, such as page orientation, page size, and the display of row and column headings.
Public propertyWordProcessingOptions
Gets or sets word processing options used for native imaging, such as page orientation, or displaying field codes, comments, and hidden text.

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Public fieldStatic memberDEFAULT_BASIC_PROFILE_NAME
The Name of the Basic-Imaging Method Default imaging profile.
Public fieldStatic memberDEFAULT_INSTANCE_GUID
The Artifact Guid of the Default Imaging Profile instance.
Public fieldStatic memberDEFAULT_NATIVE_PROFILE_NAME
The Name of the Native-Imaging Method Default imaging profile.
Public fieldStatic memberDEFAULT_PROFILE_NAME
The Name of the default Imaging Profile instance.
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