PivotSettings Class

Audit Pivot query setting.
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Namespace:  Relativity.Audit.Services.Interface.Pivot.Models
Assembly:  Relativity.Audit.Services.Interface (in Relativity.Audit.Services.Interface.dll) Version:

public class PivotSettings

The PivotSettings type exposes the following members.


Public methodPivotSettings
Initializes pivot settings.

Public propertyArtifactTypeID
Artifact ID of the Data Grid Audit object type.
Public propertyConvertNumberFieldValuesToString
If true converts number field values to string.
Public propertyGroupBy
Field to group by.
Public propertyGroupByDateGrouping
Date interval to use when computing results for a GroupBy field, if the GroupBy field is a Date field.
Public propertyMaximumNumberOfColumns
Limits results to maximum number of columns.
Public propertyMaximumNumberOfRows
Limits results to maximum number of rows.
Public propertyObjectSetQuery
Query that defines the criteria that objects or documents must meet to be included in the pivot results.
Public propertyPivotOn
Field to pivot on.
Public propertyPivotOnDateGrouping
Date interval to use when computing results for a PivotOn field, if the PivotOn field is a Date field.
Public propertyRawDataOnly
When True returns only the data in query results.
Public propertyTimeout
Timeout period for the request in seconds.
Public propertyTimeZone
A tz database timezone. Valid names found here.

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