IHelper Interface

Relativity API
Provides a mockable interface with helper methods to programmatically interact with Relativity from: Event Handlers, Custom Pages and Agents. You can use these methods to create proxys to interact with the Services API, obtain database contexts to query\run SQL against a database and obtain a URL helper to create links to pages within a Relativity Instance. To create reusable code within Relativity, it is suggested that you pass down the generic Helper interaces such as this one into your data access layer project.

Namespace:  Relativity.API
Assembly:  Relativity.API (in Relativity.API.dll) Version: 588f15fd7550dbf54835f3417a0142d4ea37dbb5

public interface IHelper : IDisposable

The IHelper type exposes the following members.


Public methodDispose
Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources.
(Inherited from IDisposable.)
Public methodGetDBContext
Gets a database context for Workspace ArtifactID provided.
Public methodGetGuid
Retrieves the GUID of a Relativity artifact based on the specified workspace ID and artifact ID (value is cached)
Public methodGetInstanceSettingBundle
Gets a helper object for reading Instance Settings.
Public methodGetLoggerFactory
Gets a factory to return a logger that can be used to log application messages to a central system.
Public methodGetSchemalessResourceDataBasePrepend
Retrieves the resource database name based on the machine configuration
Public methodGetSecretStore
Gets a helper object for interacting with the Relativity Secret Store.
Public methodGetServicesManager
Gets a Service Manager object that helps connect to RSAPI.
Public methodGetStringSanitizer
Gets an instance String Sanitizer
Public methodGetUrlHelper
Gets a URL helper object that helps build urls to custom pages.
Public methodResourceDBPrepend
Retrieves the prepend for resource database transactions
Public methodResourceDBPrepend(IDBContext)
Retrieves the prepend for resource database transactions
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