IInstanceSettingsBundleGetRawValues Method

Relativity API
Parses all Instance Setting values places them into a dictionary.

Namespace:  Relativity.API
Assembly:  Relativity.API (in Relativity.API.dll) Version: 588f15fd7550dbf54835f3417a0142d4ea37dbb5

IReadOnlyDictionary GetRawValues()

Return Value

Type: IReadOnlyDictionaryTKey, TValue
A dictionary of Instance Setting sections, names, and values.

TimeoutThrows a TimeoutException if the bundle is not initialized within a reasonable time. This exception can only be thrown on the initial bundle load. Once a value has been cached, this method is guaranteed to return a value for the duration of the bundle's lifetime. Consumers should read a value from the bundle at application startup to ensure the cache has been populated.
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