AnalyticsIndexJobType Enumeration

Analytics Core API Documentation
The job types that can be run on an Analytics Index.

Namespace:  Analytics.Conceptual.DataContracts
Assembly:  Analytics.Conceptual.DataContracts (in Analytics.Conceptual.DataContracts.dll) Version:

public enum AnalyticsIndexJobType

  Member nameValueDescription
FullPopulation0 Populate all the documents in the training and searchable sets.
IncrementalPopulation1 Populate new documents in the training and searchable sets.
RetryErrors2 Run a full population if a previous population attempt failed.
RemoveDocumentsInError3 Remove errored documents from an indexes training and searchable sets.
Build4 Builds the index on the Analytics Engine.
Activate5 Make the index available for querying.
Deactivate6 Deactive the index so that it can no longer be queried.
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