AnalyticsIndex Class

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The public representation of the Analytics Index RDO.
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Namespace:  Analytics.Conceptual.DataContracts
Assembly:  Analytics.Conceptual.DataContracts (in Analytics.Conceptual.DataContracts.dll) Version:

public class AnalyticsIndex

The AnalyticsIndex type exposes the following members.


Public propertyActive
Describes whether or not the search provider associated with the index has been activated
Public propertyAnalyticsServer
Analytics server where index will be created.
Public propertyArtifactID
The Artifact ID of the Artifact.
Public propertyConceptStopWords
Determines the words you want the conceptual index to suppress. You can add or remove stop words from the list. Separate each word with a hard return. The default values are derived from the [EDDSDBO].[ContentAnalystDefaultNoiseWords] table.
Public propertyContinueIndexStepsToCompletion
This automatically will complete all necessary step to activate an Analytics Index after starting a step.
Public propertyDimensions
Determines the dimensions of the concept space into which documents are mapped when the index is built; more dimensions increase the conceptual values applied to documents and refine the relationships between documents.
Public propertyEmailNotificationRecipients
During index population and build these email addresses will be notified.
Public propertyEnableEmailHeaderFilter
Removes common header fields (such as To, From, and Date) and reply-indicator lines, but it does not remove content from the Subject line. Use this filter to ensure that the headers in the concept space don't overshadow the authored content. Defaults to false.
Public propertyGuids
The GUIDs of the Artifact.
Public propertyIndexLastUsedOn
Indicates the time this index was last used
Public propertyLastErrorMessage
Contains the last error message to occur on the index.
Public propertyName
The friendly name of the index.
Public propertyOptimizeTrainingSet
This automatically selects only conceptually relevant documents from the Training set saved search. For example, documents that are very large, very small, or have a lot of numbers are automatically excluded from training in order to improve index quality. Defaults to false.
Public propertyOrder
Order in which index appears in dropdowns. Defaults to 0.
Public propertyRemoveDocumentsThatErroredDuringPopulation
This automatically will remove documents from being populated that have errored in a previous population.
Public propertyRemoveEnglishSignaturesAndFooters
This automatically removes signatures and footers in English language emails from the text stored in the Analytics index. By default, this is set to Yes for new indexes and No for existing ones. Setting this to Yes enables the email header filter, disables the Go Words and OCR filters, and removes documents greater than 30 MB from the searchable set. Defaults to false.
Public propertyRepeatedContentFilters
Repeated content filters associated with the index.
Public propertySearchableSet
Document saved search used to populate the index's searchable set.
Public propertyTrainingSet
Document saved search used to populate the index's training set.
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