RSAPI deprecation process

This page provides a comprehensive set of communications and guidance about the RSAPI removal process.

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API Life cycle summary and definition

This list defines the support offered by Relativity as the APIs transition through different phases of the deprecation life cycle.

Life cycle support

The following terms refer to the different phases of the API deprecation life cycle:

  • General Availability: In the General Availability (GA) phase, the API is released and available for use.
  • Deprecated: In the deprecated phase, we no longer recommend using the API. While deprecated classes and methods are still available, they are tagged obsolete because they will be removed in future releases. You shouldn't use them when implementing new code. Additionally, begin upgrading any existing code, so that it no longer references these obsolete classes and methods.
  • Removed: In the removed phase, Relativity no longer exposes the API. Any functionality using the removed API will break.

Removal process

All RSAPI APIs have been removed in RelativityOne. For Relativity Server customers, we will provide a specific window for deprecation once we announce our next Server release date. We will be updating this part of the page with more details on timing for this process as they are finalized.

API migration matrix

The following table contains legacy features that have been removed, and links to newer APIs that support similar functionality. The replacement APIs allow code compatibility between Relativity Server and RelativityOne.

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RSAPI  Feature Removal schedule Replacement .NET service Replacement REST service Replacement SDK NuGet link Replacement release version
Batch Set Removed Batch Sets Manager (.NET) Batch Sets Manager (REST) Relativity.Review.SDK 12.1
Choice Removed Choice Manager (.NET) Choice Manager (REST) Relativity.ObjectModel.SDK 11.0
Document Removed Document File Manager (.NET)
Object Manager (.NET)
Document File Manager (REST)
Object Manager (REST)
Error Removed Error Manager (.NET) Error Manager (REST) Relativity.Environment.SDK 12.1
Field Removed Field Manager (.NET) Field Manager (REST) Relativity.ObjectModel.SDK 10.2
File Transfer Removed File Field Manager (.NET)
Object Manager (.NET)
File Field Manager (REST)
Object Manager (REST)
Import data into Relativity
Folder Removed Folder Manager (.NET) Folder Manager (REST) Relativity.Services.Interfaces.SDK 9.3
GenerateRelativityAuthenticationToken** Removed Unsupported** Unsupported** N/A N/A
GetAdminChoiceTypes** Removed Unsupported** Unsupported** N/A N/A
GetProcessState** Removed Unsupported** Unsupported** N/A N/A
Layout Removed Layout Manager (.NET) Layout Manager (REST) Relativity.DataVisualization.SDK 12.1
Object Rule Removed Object Rule Manager (.NET) Object Rule Manager (REST) Relativity.DataVisualization.SDK 10.1
ObjectType Removed Object Type Manager (.NET) Object Type Manager (REST) Relativity.ObjectModel.SDK 10.1
Relativity Application (Workspace Level) Removed Export (.NET) Export (REST) Relativity.Environment.SDK 12.0
Relativity Dynamic Object (RDO) Removed Object Manager (.NET) Object Manager (REST) Relativity.ObjectManager.SDK 9.5
Resource File Removed Resource File (.NET) Resource File (REST) Relativity.Environment.SDK 12.1
Resource Server Removed Resource Server / Resource Pool (.NET / REST) Resource Server / Resource Pool (.NET / REST) Relativity.Infrastructure.SDK 12.1
Script Run Removed Script Manager (.NET) Script Manager (REST) Relativity.Extensibility.SDK 12.1
Script Removed Script Manager (.NET) Script Manager (REST) Relativity.Extensibility.SDK 11.2
Search Removed Analytics Search Manager (.NET)
dtSearch Manager (.NET)
Keyword Search Manager (.NET)
Analytics Search Manager (REST)
dtSearch Manager (REST)
Keyword Search Manager (REST)
Search Provider Removed Search Provider (.NET) Search Provider (REST) Relativity.Extensibility.SDK 9.3

* New coverage is planned for release and will be available prior to removal.
** This feature is deprecated and will no longer be supported.
*** Preview content. Functionality may not be officially released yet.
**** API/Service is released, and the documentation will be available soon.

Identifying RSAPI usage

Your code may be relying on RSAPI, even if you are calling Relativity REST services. To determine whether your code is still using RSAPI, you can search for IRSAPIClient in your code if you are calling Relativity .NET APIs, or search for Relativity.REST/Relativity or Relativity.REST/Workspace routes/paths in your code if you are calling Relativity REST endpoints.


For more information about the RSAPI deprecation process, consult the resources below

You can also contact our Developer Experience team or post to DevHelp with questions regarding refactor consultations, code reviews, unsupported features and general questions about Relativity's deprecation strategy.

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