The Relativity API platform consists of four major groups of APIs:

  • HTTP APIs - widely-used APIs that are callable over the network via HTTP protocol. These APIs provide access to functionality across a broad range of business areas (e.g., Object Model, Structured Analytics, Infrastructure). HTTP APIs are a good starting point for developers looking to interact with the backend of Relativity. Documented for REST or .NET consumption. See HTTP APIs.
  • Extensibility APIs - enable the construction of components hosted on the Relativity platform (e.g., Agents, Event Handlers, Custom Pages, Kepler services) and unlock more advanced use-cases within Relativity applications. See Extensibility APIs.
  • Front-end APIs - facilitate customization of the Relativity front-end user interface (e.g., Forms APIs, Review APIs). See Front-end APIs.
  • Data transfer APIs - these API allow you to transfer data to and from Relativity (e.g., IAPI, TAPI). See Data transfer APIs.

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