Relativity Services

The Relativity platform exposes .NET interfaces that you can use to build HTTP services. The following table lists the APIs that are available as part of the Relativity Services API, and the related HTTP service available in REST.

Note: For information about building and consuming custom services, see Kepler framework.

API (.NET) REST service Release version*
Agent Manager API Agent Manager service RelativityOne
Analytics Search Manager API Analytics Search Manager service RelativityOne
Application Install API Application Install service RelativityOne
Choice Manager API Choice Manager service RelativityOne
Client Manager API Client Manager Service RelativityOne
Document File Manager API Document File Manager service RelativityOne
Legacy dtSearch Manager API Legacy dtSearch Manager service RelativityOne
Field Manager API Field Manager service RelativityOne
Field Mapping API Field Mapping service Relativity
File Field Manager API File Field Manager service RelativityOne
Folder Manager API Folder Manager service Relativity
Group Manager API Group Manager Service RelativityOne
Instance Setting Manager API Instance Setting Manager service RelativityOne
Keyboard Shortcuts Manager API Keyboard Shortcuts Manager service RelativityOne
Keyword Search Manager API Keyword Search Manager service RelativityOne
Library Application API Library Application service RelativityOne
Matter Manager API Matter Manager service RelativityOne
Notifications Manager API (MotD) Notifications Manager service (MotD) Relativity
Object Manager API Object Manager service Relativity
Legacy Object Query Manager API Legacy Object Query Manager service Relativity
Object Type Manager API Object Type Manager service RelativityOne
Password Bank Manager API Password Bank Manager service Relativity 9.4.361.1
Permission Manager API Permission Manager service Relativity
Pivot Manager API Pivot Manager service Relativity
Resource Pool API Resource Pool Service RelativityOne
Search Container Manager API Search Container Manager service RelativityOne
Search Provider API Search Provider service RelativityOne
Tab Manager API Tab Manager service RelativityOne
User Manager API User Manager Service RelativityOne
User Information Manager API User Information Manager service RelativityOne
View Fields Manager API View Fields Manager service RelativityOne
View Manager API View Manager service Relativity
Workspace Manager API Workspace Manager Service RelativityOne

*Indicates the earliest RelativityOne version that supports the API. Additionally, RelativityOne supports all APIs available before its release, including versions and below.

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