As part of the Relativity Services API (RSAPI) Deprecation, content on this page referring to the RSAPI and the Patient Tracker application is in the process of being deprecated and will no longer be supported. For more information and alternative APIs, see RSAPI deprecation process.

Advanced Services API operations

The Services API includes additional features for querying, transferring files, performing mass operations, and performing other advanced operations. The following table describes and provides links to the code samples that are available for these features.

Sample method or code snippet Illustrates how to...
Authentication Configure authentication for your instance and users.
ExecuteBatch() Combine multiple operations in a single database transaction.
ExportApplication() Export an application as a RAP file.
FindSearchIndex() Create a query that uses SearchIndex as the ArtifactType.
ImportApplication() Import an application into Relativity.
MassCreate() Create multiple Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs).
MassCreateWithDetails() Create multiple RDOs and populate the Results property.
MassDelete() Perform a cascade delete on a specific group of objects.
MassDeleteAllDocuments() Delete all documents and their associated files from a workspace.
MassDeleteAllObjects() Delete all objects of a specified type from a workspace without using cascade delete.
MassDeleteDocuments() Force the deletion of images for a specific group of documents.
MassEdit() Apply the same set of field updates to multiple documents in a single call.
Paging Perform paging on query results.
Pivot Create and run custom Pivot queries and to read and run queries that are based on existing Pivot profiles.
PushAResourceFile() Upload files or assemblies with custom code for use in an application.
Query_And_Execute_dtSearch() Retrieve a reference to a dtSearch index and execute a search.
Query_And_Execute_CASearch() Retrieve a reference to an Analytics index and execute a search.
Query_And_Execute_By_Saved_SearchID() Use the SavedSearchCondition to query for a document with a saved search ID. Also, uses the SelectedFields directive.
Query for documents by using a saved search ID.
Query_And_Execute_By_ViewID() Query for the ArtifactID of a view, execute the query, and retrieve fields from the view.
Use the ViewCondition to search for fields by their View ID. Also, uses the SelectedFields directive.
Query on Choices Use the Query() method to retrieve the ArtifactIDs and names of choices for a specific Choice Type.
Query with CompositeCondition Use a CompositeCondition in a query.

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