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Review the new features and bug fixes in the Import API.

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Goatsbeard RelativityOne production release - v10.3.170.1 (09-28-2019)

The Goatsbeard RelativityOne production release contains the following enhancements and bug fixes.


  • The Import API is now available as a NuGet package called Relativity.DataExchange.Client.SDK. No changes have been made to the public-facing APIs included in this package. See Set up your environment and Import API migration.
  • The Goatsbeard release of the Import API is compatible with Relativity versions from Bluestem (9.7) through Goatsbeard (10.3). See Import API compatibility matrix.
  • Added a new file identification API.

Bug fixes

  • Documents are no longer imported if the root folder ID set to the Artifact ID of a workspace. [REL-301212]
  • Issues with transfer paths are now correctly reported when they occur. [REL-315623]
  • Multiple updates ensure that a BCP load file now successfully imports documents. [REL-322221]
  • Improved the process for writing to error files when an IOException occurs causing an import job to abort. [REL-338398]

Foxglove EA preview release - v10.2.15.51 (01-22-2019)

The Foxglove EA preview release contains the following enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Improved I/O resiliency for extracted text and System.IO.* API calls.
  • New "TempDirectory" config setting to override the directory where all import temp load files are stored.

Bug fixes

  • Improved text exceed field size error messages. [REL-277165]
  • SQL locks weren't always released and can cause deadlocks. [REL-293445]
  • Import failures may continue to update closed load file streams and throw ObjectDisposedException. [REL-277572]

Blazingstar update 1 release - v10.1.169.1 (03-25-2019)

The Blazingstar update 1 release contains the following bug fixes.

Bug fixes

  • Reviewed and fixed all exception classes that didn't implement serialization properly. [REL-266229]
  • Enabled APM by default for all RelativityOne import jobs. [REL-270750]
  • The compatibility check exception thrown uses the ApplicationName configuration setting to format the error message instead of a hard-coded RDC string. [REL-268853]
  • Temp load files use a unique filename to avoid exceeding the max number of temp files. [REL-135101]
  • Native file identification throws a NullReferenceException in some import workflows. [REL-273473]
  • Thread locks weren't getting released due to imbalanced Monitor Enter/Exit. [REL-244186]
  • An explicit check is made to prevent integrated security from being used in non-interactive processes (e.g. Agent). API users should use CreateByRsaBearerToken instead. [REL-269088]

Larkspur update 2 release - v10.0.233.5 (03-15-2019)

The Larkspur update 2 release contains the following bug fixes.

Bug fixes

  • WebAPI/REST Service URL can cause failures. [REL-281370]
  • Updated the app.config file and public documentation. [REL-285349]
  • Added support to preserve file timestamps for both import and production export workflows. [REL-298418]
  • Production export can fail when there are more than 1000 files. [REL-292896]

Bluestem update 3 preview release - v9.7.229.5 (February 5, 2019)

The Bluestem update 3 preview release contains the following enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Import API and all platform dependency packages are now available in
  • The ImportAPI class provides CreateByRsaBearerToken static method to construct the ImportAPI object using a bearer token. This eliminates the requirement to use integrated security or manage Relativity credentials when creating the API object within an agent or custom page

Bug fixes

  • API failures can occur when using integrated security. [REL-23429]
  • Production PDF export out of order with pagecount over 10. [REL-279296]
  • WebAPI/REST service URL can fail in RelativityOne. [REL-281370]
  • SQL resource locks are never released and can cause deadlocks. [REL-276758]
  • Creating client-side folders can fail. [REL-194231]

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