Relativity API reference

The Relativity API reference explains the classes, interfaces, value types, and other members that are included in the Relativity SDK. These members provide access to system functionality and serve as the foundation for building Relativity applications.

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Agents API

Namespace Description
kCura.Agent Contains all the base functionality needed to get an agent instance working correctly in a system.
kCura.Agent.CustomAttributes Contains custom attributes that are used to set up metadata for agent instances.

Analytics Index Manager API

Namespace Description
Analytics.Conceptual.DataContracts Contains the data objects for interacting with Relativity Analytics indexes.
Analytics.Conceptual.DataContracts.Exception Contains the exceptions that can be raised when you interact with Relativity Analytics indexes.
Analytics.Conceptual.Service.Interfaces Contains the interface with the methods for interacting with Relativity Analytics indexes.

API Helpers

Namespace Description
Relativity.API Contains all the base functionality needed to establish an RSAPI client and set database connections for agents, event handlers, and custom pages.

Custom Pages API

Namespace Description
Relativity.CustomPages Provides the framework for managing custom pages within the Relativity system.

Document Viewer Services API

Namespace Description
Relativity.DocumentViewer.Services Contains classes, enumerations, and an interface used for converting documents to viewer types supported by Relativity, including native, image, production, and transcript types.

Event Handlers API

Namespace Description
kCura.EventHandler Contains base and fundamental classes that define events and event handlers.
kCura.EventHandler.CustomAttributes Contains attribute classes for identifying attribute definitions in metadata quickly and easily.
kCura.EventHandler.PostExecuteAction Contains classes that define the behavior to occur after execution of an action ends.
kCura.MassOperationHandlers Contains the base class that defines mass operation events and event handlers.

Imaging API

Namespace Description
Relativity.Imaging.Services.Interfaces Contains interfaces, classes, and enumerations used for imaging files.

Import API

Namespace Description
kCura.Relativity.DataReaderClient Contains classes for creating, executing, and monitoring import jobs.
kCura.Relativity.ImportAPI Contains all the base functionality needed to create custom import utilities for documents, images, production sets, and Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs).
kCura.Relativity.ImportAPI.Data Contains classes that represent a subset of the Relativity objects that are available when using the Import API.
kCura.Relativity.ImportAPI.Enumeration Provides enumerated types that define various field properties and upload parameters.

Integration Points API

Namespace Description
kCura.IntegrationPoints.Contracts Contains classes and interfaces for building a data source provider and deploying the provider in its own application domain.
kCura.IntegrationPoints.Contracts.Models Contains classes and enumerations for mapping data from source fields to workspace fields.
kCura.IntegrationPoints.Contracts.Provider Contains interfaces for batching and importing unique identifiers on data fields and the data stored in those fields.
kCura.IntegrationPoints.SourceProviderInstaller Contains classes and delegates for registering a data source provider with Relativity and uninstalling a provider from a workspace.

Processing API

Relativity.Processing.ServicesContains classes for automating processing workflows.

Productions API

Relativity.Productions.ServicesContains classes for automating production workflows.

Services API

kCura.Relativity.ClientContains the fundamental classes needed to connect to Relativity and interact with Document and other objects in Relativity.
kCura.Relativity.Client.DTOsContains a set of strongly typed objects that expose the same properties that are available through the user interface for Relativity objects.
kCura.Relativity.Client.DTOs.AttributesContains classes that describe attributes of a DTO object.
kCura.Relativity.Client.Repositories Contains classes that perform operations on DTO objects.
kCura.Relativity.Client.Repositories.ExtensionsContains classes that perform CRUD operations on repository items.
Relativity.ServicesContains classes for constructing queries and returning results with Relativity saved search services.
Relativity.Services.ChoiceContains classes for interacting with Relativity Choice objects.
Relativity.Services.Client Contains classes for interacting with Relativity Client objects.
Relativity.Services.Document Contains classes for interacting with Relativity Document objects.
Relativity.Services.FieldContains classes for interacting with fields through Relativity service host framework services (Kepler), such as saved search services.
Relativity.Services.FieldMappingContains an interface and classes for mapping fields between Relativity and an external data source through Relativity service host framework services.
Relativity.Services.FolderContains classes for interacting with folders through Relativity service host framework services (Kepler).
Relativity.Services.GroupContains classes for interacting with Relativity Group objects.
Relativity.Services.LoggingConfigContains the interfaces used for interacting with configurations, rules, and sinks used by the Relativity logging framework.
Relativity.Services.MatterContains classes for interacting with Relativity Matter objects.
Relativity.Services.NotificationsContains classes for interacting with Relativity notifications.
Relativity.Services.ObjectQueryContains classes for performing queries on Relativity objects through Relativity service host framework services.
Relativity.Services.ObjectsContains the interfaces and classes used for reading and updating fields on Document objects and Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs), and querying for system types through the Object Manager service.
Relativity.Services.Objects.DataContractsContains the majority of classes and enumerations needed to interact with the Object Manager service.
Relativity.Services.Objects.ExceptionsContains the class for exceptions thrown through the Object Manager service.
Relativity.Services.Objects.ExtensionsContains classes with methods used for working with hydrated objects, including Choice, Field, Layout, and RelativityObject types.
Relativity.Services.Objects.ModelsContains the classes used when performing read, update, and query operations through the Object Manager service.
Relativity.Services.Objects.Models.WebContentDeprecated - This namespace has been deprecated. Contains the classes for providing event handlers with information about the context in which they are called. For more information, see Deprecated functionality.
Relativity.Services.PasswordBankContains an interface used for retrieving document passwords from the Password Bank.
Relativity.Services.PermissionContains classes for interacting with Relativity permissions.
Relativity.Services.PivotContains classes for interacting with Relativity Pivot queries.
Relativity.Services.PivotManager.ModelsContains classes that define the exceptions thrown when interacting with Relativity Pivot queries.
Relativity.Services.RelativityApplicationContains classes for interacting with Relativity applications.
Relativity.Services.SearchContains classes for interacting with Relativity saved search services.
Relativity.Services.SearchIndexContains classes for interacting with search indexes through Relativity service host framework services (Kepler).
Relativity.Services.ServiceProxyContains the foundational classes for connecting to Relativity platform services.
Relativity.Services.UserContains classes for interacting with users through Relativity service host framework services (Kepler).
Relativity.Services.ViewContains classes for interacting with Relativity views.

Structured Analytics API

Relativity.StructuredAnalytics.Services.Interfaces.StructuredAnalyticsContains the interface with methods used for executing analysis jobs on structured analytics sets.
Relativity.StructuredAnalytics.Services.Interfaces.StructuredAnalytics.ModelsContains classes used for errors and operation results.
Relativity.StructuredAnalytics.Services.Interfaces.StructuredAnalytics.Models.StatusContains classes used to represent status contracts.