Advanced functionality for custom pages

You can enhance custom pages that you develop by incorporating advanced functionality in them. For example, you might want to use Forms or Windows authentication methods in your custom pages.

Custom authentication

You can configure applications with that contain custom pages to use their own authentication systems. With custom authentication, you can create Relativity applications that use specialized access to application components.

Relativity supports Forms Authentication or Windows Authentication methods. Use the following guidelines when incorporating these authentication methods in your custom pages:

  • Applications with custom pages can use Forms or Windows Authentication methods. They can also run in Anonymous mode.
  • To use custom page Forms Authentication, you must log in to the authentication system used in a custom pages by entering a valid username and password.
  • To use custom page Windows Authentication, you must set up the custom page authentication in the web.config file and in IIS with Windows Authentication enabled.
  • For ease of deployment, you should provide steps to create and test custom authentication for Relativity applications in your target production environment.